Capital Trading Co.,Ltd has been established since 1993 and we are one of the marketing arms of STC Group, Thailand’s big exporter of agro-industrial products in Thailand.

We have strong determination in selecting quality products of main 2 types which are Snack & Confectionary and Rice & Organic products for customers. We source high quality products or raw materials from both STC Group of companies and various outside sources to tailor new products for each target group of customer in both domestic and international markets. We have the strong R&D team and we pioneer and develop snacks made from seaweed which is very popular in Thailand and overseas. Besides Thailand, now we expand our seaweed snack market to various countries in Asia, Europe, and USA under both our own brand “SELECO” , “IUMI” and OEM brand.

With our innovation in production techniques, our seaweed snacks are delicious without MSG. Concerning on healthiness, instead of frying, we focus more on roasting and increase deliciousness and uniqueness by having various topping on seaweed sheets which is the method innovated by our company and has been already patented as Capital Trading’s intellectual property.

Despite focusing more on roasting, we are pioneer in frying technique enabling oil content to be lower than other brands about more than 20%.